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Proofread My Essay is a leading supplier of proofreading services, primarily targeting the academic proofreading industry in the UK, USA and Australia.

Since July 2014, we have helped Proofread My Essay grow their revenue by 40% year on year, and increase their AdWords revenue by over 90%.

Upon taking over the existing AdWords campaigns, we undertook extensive keyword research in order to maximise the reach of their campaigns, and redesigned their ad copy to convey Proofread My Essay’s key USP’s to the target market.

In addition to this, we introduced more advanced AdWords techniques, such as language segmentation, which allowed us to tailor ad messaging depending on the user’s browser language, and also carried out trend analysis which enabled us to allocate our budget depending on forecast revenues. This has enabled us to consistently grow Proofread My Essay’s AdWords revenue and helped them to grow their business significantly.