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Row of tasty icecreams on sticks
  • Success 98%
  • Trendiness 84%
  • Creativity 70%

Choc On Choc is a luxury confectionery company, offering unique handcrafted chocolate designs to the UK market.

Since June 2016 we have increased Choc On Choc’s return from AdWords by over 50%, and are set to help them achieve record sales figures in the run up to Christmas 2016.

Our approach to the AdWords campaigns for Choc on Choc included Google Search and Remarketing as well as Google Shopping. For the search campaigns, we created a number of sales-driven campaigns based around the different products that Choc on Choc offer, as well as a brand awareness campaign to increase exposure to the brand.

We also created attractive image ads to run on the remarketing network to promote special offers and seasonal promotions to great effect. In addition to this, the Google Shopping campaigns acted as an additional visual sales tool which enabled us to attract highly qualified visitors who had already viewed an image of the product as well as the price, which led to increased conversion rates.

In the first three months Choc On Choc have seen strong results from AdWords and we look to build on this as Christmas approaches.