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Charkes Marlow luxury villa overlooking mountains and lake
  • Success 98%
  • Trendiness 84%
  • Creativity 70%

Charles Marlow is a property company based in Deia, Mallorca, selling luxury real estate and holiday homes to the wider European market.

Since December 2014, we have helped Charles Marlow to treble the number of enquiries generated by their AdWords campaigns, which has had a significant effect on their business growth.

The key to the Charles Marlow campaigns was to make sure that only the right people were clicking on their ads, given that they offer only high-end distinguished properties in specific geographical locations. This was achieved by pre-qualifying visitors based on their search intent and clever use of ad copy, which enabled us to attract only the highest quality traffic and maximise the number of enquiries that were received.

Charles Marlow now receives a steady flow of enquiries through AdWords, and this has enabled them to expand their business into Ibiza, with an equally high level of success.